Bici Digna Mobile Workshop at the South Central Farm Center!

The Bici Digna was in South Central this past Saturday, where volunteers had a mobile bike repair workshop after a bicycle ride from Corazon del Pueblo in Boyle Heights to the South Central Farm Center.

Woody at the South Central Farm Ride Mobile Workshop

The Bici Digna mobile work shop went very well at the South Central Farmers’  5th year of demolition vigil. There were cyclists form the community as well as cyclists from other parts of the city that came to support the farm.  Bici Digna volunteers Woody and Leo helped 14 people fix their bikes.

The chain/cable lube got lost along the way so Woody had to improvise and dumpster dive, riding his bike to the nearest gas station where he dumpstered two empty motor oil bottles.  He added a few drops of diesel by lowering the fuel nozzle close to the ground and shaking it a little, which was necessary because motor oil is too thick to flow into the cable housing. Woody then put the cap on and shook them to mix it and get as much oil as possible off the sides of the bottle. When it was all ready to go, Woody poked a hole in the bottom corner of the oil bottle so the lube would drip out as the bottles got squeezed.

Woody helping someone fix their bike. Photo by Miguel Morales Cruz

Bici Digna will be having more mobile workshops all around town.  Check the blog for more info!


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