Some post-summer updates!

Bici Digna has been busy!  Too busy to post good updates on this blog, but let’s try to remedy that today.

Bici Dignario Rafa (left) helping someone fix their bike at Lafayette Park. Photo by Brenda Yancor.

Bici Dignarios just wrapped up their stint at Lafayette Park, where they were hosting mobile workshops every Thursday from 7-9pm  in conjunction with the Summer Night Lights program, a gang reduction and prevention program that kept parks open until midnight during the summer.  Last Thursday, September 3rd, was the last Thursday of the program.  Bici Dignarios raffled off two bicycles to some happy park-goers, fixed up some bikes, and even changed the trucks and wheels on a skateboard.

A special thanks to all those who showed up to help and support Bici Digna during these workshops.  It’s always nice when you all come hang out with us!

Another night, another fixed bike. Photo by Brenda Yancor.

More than two months ago (yikes, really  been lagging it on the blog updates), Bici Digna and Córazon del Pueblo had their first Solidarity Ride!

Bici Dignarios and folks from Córazon del Pueblo at MacArthur Park during the Solidarity Ride. Photo by Kevin Rhone.

We rode from Hollenbeck Park in Boyle Heights to MacArthur Park, chilled out for a bit and got to know each other, then headed back to Hollenbeck for some yummy yummy food and some quality time with the Eastside Drum Circle.

Back at Hollenbeck Park with the Eastside Drum Circle. Photo by Kevin Rhone.

We had a great turn out, a chill ride, cool people and some free bikes that Bici Dignarios raffled off!

Raffling off bikes, because we can. Photo by Brenda Yancor.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Bici Digna, Córazon del Pueblo, and the communities we serve.

Let’s do it again sometime, yeah?

Photo by Skira Martinez.


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